Frameless Glass Appeal in the Bathroom

A spacious, modern and stylish feel is important in any room and generally, when you think of this idea you may think of the lounge or kitchen. Bathrooms, however, can be modern and stylish too and having the right fittings added can create a whole new feel to an otherwise small or drab space.

Frameless shower screens look fantastic, can be suited to most budgets and don’t compromise on style. If you are in the market for a simple and sophisticated solution to your old shower screens or for your new bathroom, take a look at why frameless shower screens have so much appeal.

Frameless shower screens won’t cramp your style.

Frameless glass is quite a popular choice for glass shower screens and for good reason. Often, bathrooms are not the largest spaces in the house and even if they are of a decent size, once you add a shower recess the bathroom can lose the feeling of being spacious. Thanks to frameless glass shower screens you won’t have that problem. Because there are no frames, the screen does not ‘cut off’ your view in the bathroom, you effectively see straight through the glass and the room does not seem smaller.

Frameless shower screens can save you time.

Nobody likes to do the housecleaning but particularly where bathrooms are concerned, the job is often left to become a bigger one because it can be so time consuming. However, thanks to the absence of frames the cleaning time spent on the shower screen is cut down considerably. Maintaining your glass screen is easy and a bit of motivation such as wiping down after a shower can help alleviate the task becoming a tedious one.

Frameless shower screens are versatile.

Available in 10mm Clear or Acid Etch Toughened Safety Glass, Frameless shower screens can be custom built to fit any area. So if your bathroom is lacking in space and the shower recess is quite small, you can still easily have a screen made to suit your needs. If your shower recess is an unusual shape, with frameless lass shower screens, this poses no problem.

Quality hinges and hardware are used on all frameless shower screens and this contemporary bathroom screen still will add value and great aesthetic appeal to your home. To see for yourself why frameless shower screens are so in fashion, view the various styles online and organise a quote for yours today.