Glass Splashbacks Offer a Modern Look

One of the main reasons someone may have a kitchen replaced or renovated is to bring its looks up to date. Naturally, another deciding factor in having some changes made in the kitchen is because it is no longer functioning that well or it looks tired and worn.

There are many wonderful choices to look over when selecting what goes into a new kitchen, many ideas to mull over and many things that need to be decided on. A very functional yet aesthetically appealing part of the kitchen is a splashback feature.

The splashbacks are very important in the kitchen as they offer protection for the walls during cooking and cleaning. Oil splatters that can come from the pan and water, or cleaning products used in the sink can all easily get on to the walls. With splashbacks, they provide a surface that is easily wiped clean.

One of the more popular splashback materials today is glass, and for a few good reasons. Keep reading if you want to know why you should choose glass splashbacks for your kitchen.

A Better Option than Traditional Tiled Splashbacks

Tiled splashbacks were quite popular for some time; however, there were problems with some of these. Grout could easily become very dirty with all the grime and grease that would be present in the kitchen and these could be quite hard to clean.

Tiles could also be prone to breaking and when this happens, the job to replace them is not an easy one. If you don’t have spare tiles that match, you could have difficulty in finding a replacement. Cracks in grout can also allow water to leak and this could cause further damage. Tiles also lose their lustre over the years, whereas glass retains its good looks and sophistication.

Ultimate Class with Glass

Glass splashbacks offer a very modern and stylish look to any kitchen. Owners are always very happy with their choices and delighted to find that they are easy to clean. Glass looks fantastic in other areas of the kitchen too, not just splashbacks. They make a great feature on walls and benchtop walls, adding a hint of opulence.

If you are ready to see how unique and breathtaking glass can be in your kitchen whether for splashbacks or more, click here. While you are there, you might like to take a look at a great range of shower screens that are available to spruce up your bathroom as well.