Pool Fencing: Keeping our Children Safe

Over the past few years more stringent laws have been put in place regarding pool safety and pool fencing. This is in order to try and reduce the amount of accidental drowning deaths that occur in children.

The age group that sadly experiences the highest number of drowning accidents is in children aged 1 to 4. This is simply a fact that can’t be ignored and that shouldn’t be tolerated. Children under the age of 5 do not have the same sense of awareness about the dangers of water and are physically more at risk of drowning due to their inability to swim or keep afloat.

Taking responsibility

Pool owners

It is more common that these drowning accidents happen in private pools and that is why there are now strict laws for pool owners to be responsible and fence their pools. This, coupled with the correct supervision will ensure that more children are safe around swimming pools.

Parents and carers

While it is most certainly the responsibility of a pool owner to have the pool fenced, parents and carers also need to take responsibility in always ensuring that a child is supervised. Taking appropriate action in supervision also means being very clear about who is responsible for supervising children in the pool.

Leaving older children ‘in charge’ of younger children is not deemed acceptable supervision nor does using floatation devices, such as ‘floaties’, enough to protect against drowning. The only way to ensure safety is to be diligent about having an adult supervise children and to erect pool fencing by a professional team such as Network Glass.

The professionals at Network Glass can offer you a fantastic modern alternative to traditional pool fences that can sometimes ruin the view of the pool or even from the pool. Glass pool fences can also make the pool that much safer as there is nothing hindering your view of who is inside the pool.

The modern look of a glass pool fence looks fantastic and there is a great range of posts to choose from so you can select just the kind of fence you want. It is vitally important to keep young children safe all year round from drowning accidents. Even if children don’t live in your home, on the off chance a child makes its way into your yard, you want to be sure of the child’s safety.

If you have a pool at home, contact Network Glass for a quote. Not only will you be making your pool a safer place, you will be adding a whole new modern look to your home. Visit them online at http://www.networkglass.com/.