Renovating Your Bathroom? Add a Frameless Shower Screen

The bathroom is one, if not the most important room in the house. With the recent trend in interior design seeking for sheer sophistication and better utility, many are moving to renovate their bathrooms. Renovation is often aimed at gaining better storage in vanity cabinets or having more spacious shower rooms.

One good way to make the bathroom more elegant and stylish is by incorporating a frameless shower. Shower screens always manage to uplift the look and experience in the bathroom.

Modern Styles

Gone are the days of shower curtains that always tend to create issues when it comes to cleaning. In terms of style, shower curtains give that decades-old look that really does not belong in a modern home.

Adding a frameless shower screen to the bathroom will make it look more contemporary and also bring a wow factor to the room. Your family and guests will love and enjoy this new look to your bathroom. The glass as a shower screen helps in turning the bathroom into a more luxurious room.

Design Choices

The frameless shower screen can be built different ways, depending on the size of the bathroom and the preferences of the homeowner. There is a choice to go for sliding doors or hinged openings for the shower screen.

The frameless shower screen can be built from wall to wall or it can be installed like a separate boxed shower room. The decision to go for one style or design over another should depend on the space and the layout of the bathroom. For instance, if the bathroom is small in size, a hinged door may not be ideal and may not be convenient to use. For such a case, it would be better to use a sliding glass door.

Although a shower screen specialist may have many ideas and suggestions for your bathroom, remember that you can also opt to have a custom-designed shower screen if you desire something different or unique.

Easy Maintenance

Aside from the aesthetic appeal that frameless glass shower screens bring, its use provides many benefits in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Glass screens are easier to clean compared with old-style shower curtains, which are very difficult to clean when they develop moulds and dried dirt. Glass is easier to clean even with a mild cleaning solution and a sponge.